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Healthcare Imaging Workflow Wizard

MODALIZER+™ Converts Images, Video and Documents to the DICOM® Standard and Imports them securely to your PACS.

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We are running two diagnostic imaging clinics, and at each site our xray, ultrasound, BMD and mammography technologists use MODALIZER+ to scan documentation (worksheets, questionnaires etc) straight to PACS.

Bernie Charlton, M.Sc., MBA Business Development, Lighthouse Medical Imaging

I use MODALIZER+ maybe 20 times a day for all kind of things that I used to do with many little utilities and scripts. It saves me time.

Avraham Pertsovski, PACS System Engineer, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel

MODALIZER+ Everywhere and for Everyone

  • Front Desk/Administrative

    The unique combination of paper scanner, DICOM CD Import and Export and DICOM connectivity all in one easy to use application makes MODALIZER+ an ultimate assistant at the front desk during patient admission, transfer and discharge. Use MODALIZER+.

  • PACS Administrators

    MODALIZER+ features were selected after many years of PACS and DICOM experience. MODALIZER+ includes study search, retrieval and modify options, DICOM header display, duplicate and edit of DICOM files, and many more valuable features for PACS administrator daily tasks.

  • For the reading doctor

    Automate your reporting workflow and give your diagnosis reports the professional touch with your logo and graphic design and your customized layouts with MODALIZER+’s Auto-filled Formatted Reports.

  • Point of care Imaging

    MODALIZER+ turns even the simplest PC, Laptop and tablet into a modern Imaging Device. It connects directly to the built in webcam, USB camera, or any TWAIN device (for example standard office paper scanners) and converts the images and scanned documents to DICOM and stores them in your PACS.

  • Add DICOM to Legacy devices

    Connect legacy and non-DICOM devices to your PACS using MODALIZER+ External Application interface. Using the unique EXAP configuration MODALIZER+ can turn your visible light equipment, like ophthalmic cameras and other devices into a fully-compatible DICOM enabled Imaging Modality. By configuring the inputs and outputs of your device MODALIZER+ takes over the process, launches your device software when needed and adds DICOM Modality Worklist and DICOM Storage to your existing equipment.

  • At your desktop

    Manage your records with MODALIZER+’s built in Local Archive. MODALIZER+ stores all the imaging studies, acquired and retrieved, in standard compatible DICOM files on your hard disk. Everything can be exported and migrated anytime to other DICOM applications with no proprietary formats and no hidden attributes.

  • On CD’s and DVD’s

    MODALIZER+ can burn DICOM Compatible CD/DVD and add to it the DICOMDIR file and a DICOM CD Viewer. MODALIZER+ copy on the created CD displays the exported Study content automatically.

Technical Specifications

Supported Media Formats

Media Type Standard/Format DICOM SOP Class
Video MPEG2


SC Image*
Image Bitmap
SC Image*
Document PDF DICOM Encapsulated PDF
Unformated Text DICOM SR
DICOM Encapsulated PDF
* The SOP Class Definition and generated DICOM file content is configurable using the DICOM templates from settings.

DICOM Network Services

Verification SCU/SCP

Storage SCU/SCP

Storage Commitment SCU

Query/Retrieve SCU

Modality Worklist SCU

Modality Performed Procedure Step SCU

Hardware, OS and Drivers Requirements

Computer: Microsoft Windows compatible laptop/desktop/tablet or virtual machine

Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 10

.NET Framework: 4.5

Processor: minimum recommended speed – 1Ghz

Internal memory: minimum 2GB

Storage: recommended minimum 40GB of hard disk/SSD

Network Protocol: Secure DICOM Networking (TLS 1.2) over TCP/IP

USB: optional for external imaging hardware supporting WIA

TWAIN/WIA: optional for paper scanner integration. Use the scanner vendor TWAIN driver utility for configuration of the scanning profile parameters. MODALIZER+ uses the default configured profile.

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Product Documentation

DICOM is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.